Coffee making is a serious business and at the heart of our brand. We invest substantial resources, and all our time, energy and passion into providing a high quality range of espresso based coffees to our customers. We use a unique Italian style blend made up of several different beans which is exclusive to Caffè Nero.

We roast it in our roastery to our own precise specifications. The final product is a more sophisticated, rich, bold and vivid coffee flavour. We always use double shots of espresso in our regular and grande size drinks which means you get a good coffee flavour even when mixed with a lot of milk.

Espresso is a thick, satisfying, smooth full bodied coffee, topped with golden coloured ‘crema’. The correct espresso has an unforgettable aroma and a lingering taste which can last many minutes after the coffee has been drunk.

Our espresso is traditionally handcrafted and made in the classic Italian way – well structured, full bodied, aromatic, rich and strong. From a single cup of espresso to the popular classics of lattes and cappuccinos to less familiar recipes – our espresso is always there, as the perfect foundation for every coffee we make.

There are many ingredients that combine to create the perfect espresso; a special blend of carefully balanced and roasted fresh coffee beans, the correct espresso machine (well maintained), a grind fine tuned to match the espresso machine and a trained and experienced barista who has honed their skills in the art of making great espresso.