Our aim has always been to provide you with a continental coffee house atmosphere - cosy and friendly. We want Caffe Nero to be a place where you feel comfortable meeting your friends, working on your laptop, grabbing a bite to eat or just somewhere to relax and read the paper. A neighbourhood gathering spot.

The inspiration for Caffè Nero’s unique feel and ambience is rooted in classic, Italian cafes. Our coffee house atmosphere should have a continental feel and be a cosy, friendly place which has something of a buzz about it. Every Nero should always feel warm and inviting and make people feel comfortable whether meeting friends, working, grabbing a bite to eat or just relaxing in some calm and solace whilst reading the newspaper.

Where we can, we retain the historic features of buildings and keep their classic architectural features such as arches, columns and cast iron staircases. You should also see direct influences from Italy throughout our cafes; the most significant being our classic mahogany back bar which was sourced from Southern Italy and of course our use of large open windows facing the street with high tables and chairs to watch the world go by. 

We have deliberately avoided the formulaic cookie cutter approach to store design and have aimed to customise our stores incorporating local features to make every café feel different and part of the community it resides in. Wherever we can we try and use individual iconic statement pieces and we hope these pieces become a point of interest and talking point - just like our renowned wall graphics have become.

We use as much reclaimed and sustainable material as possible in our new store builds; including sustainable wood floors, reclaimed bricks and original picture frames (some even with gold gilt), and ten of our new stores will even have the original parquet flooring from the Bank of England in them!